IRT Access Concrete and render repair

Cracks in the surface of render can be indication that there are delaminating render issues present and should be investigated immediately. If the cracks are determined to be an issue then it is only a matter of time before parts of the render start to break away from the building and fall which could cause serious injury or worse.....

Spalling concrete is largely due to corrosion of the steel bars which expand and exert a force on the surrounding concrete causing the concrete to crack. Although, early stage spalling will not affect the structural integrity of the building, the spalling concrete should be repaired as soon as possible before the steel reinforcement bars corrode further becoming a much bigger issue to fix. Rope access/abseiling is a very cost effective way to initially inspect these areas and also to perform the repairs.

Our skilled rope access technicians use abseiling and portable debris protection netting systems means we can tackle your render or concrete issue quickly and reduce potential dangers. If you think you have any of these concrete or render issues then you have an aesthetic, safety and major liability problem that needs our help urgently.